Business Operating System

ERP for Everyone


Epinomy is for growing businesses that need more than products like Quickbooks and Microsoft 365 can deliver.
Every organization needs Accounting, Customer Resource Management, Human Resource Management and Payroll.
Most organizations need project and inventory control.
Wouldn't it be nice if all of your organization's strategic, tactical and operational knowledge was all in one database, and could be securely shared with the people who need it in real-time?


Even small and medium-sized businesses start to build silos of information. Accounting, marketing, sales, and production are in their worlds and only talk to each other when needed.

Epinomy has built-in workflows that can automate every aspect of your business, all within the same application.


Every business needs standard operating procedures to tackle its core processes. Every certification program has an emphasis on documenting and standardizing operational processes.
Epinomy helps by creating a digital backbone for your enterprise. Everything can be stored in one place, made into templates, and shared throughout the organization.